What We Offer

 Our Values

Impact: Reaching out while leaving footprints in your hearts and minds.  
Ignite: Sparking the dreams within you.
Power: Speaking to your mountains with authority. 
Growth: Becoming who you were destined to be.

Our Mission

At Get Up & Live LLC, our mission is simple: empower individuals to make a conscious decision to get up and
live, despite their circumstances. It's time to live freely,
boldly and unapologetically.


  • Get Up Merch: be a walking billboard for Christ every time you rock our apparel.

  • Hands-on practical workshops covering 9 Biblical Principles that can be applied to your life.

The Founder

Edlene Julien
Teacher, Speaker, Artisan

Edlene Julien is a native of the beautiful sunny South Florida; born and raised in Miami. 

Edlene founded Get Up & Live in 2013 after asking God for a clear direction for her life. Here she was a talented, creative young lady sitting on every hope and dream; allowing the fear of the unknown to hold her hostage. God simply whispered, "I need you to GET UP & LIVE." Life will get challenging and you will face obstacles, but a daily decision to LIVE despite it all MUST be made. Jesus faced a heap of obstacles, died and got up from a dead situation. He died, so that you may LIVE!"

As an educator, Edlene's purpose is to be a beacon of light in the midst of darkness in her students’ lives. She wants to plant seeds of change in their minds, leaving impactful footprints in their hearts which will hopefully steer them towards optimistic routes. It is her ultimate goal to inspire her students to dream again. She wants them to see past their current situations and know that they don’t have to settle for the existing portrait that has been painted for them; but that they can create a masterpiece with strategic planning, supported by determination, maximum effort, and perseverance.